Change the current User Password

If you decide to change your Master Password (User Password).

Click Options button, select page Password, or Select the Options > Change Account Password on the main menu.




Enter your password into the Old Password: field, and a new password in the New Password field. Repeat the new password in the Retype Password field and click Change Password.


What characters can the password contain?

The password can consist of any combination of letters (upper and lower case), numbers, and other special characters; and be up to 16 characters in length.

What is a case sensitive password?

The programme treats upper and lower case letters as different characters.

Attention: Once you have created the password, write it down and keep it in a reliable place. In case you loose it, it will be impossible to open the protected account.

Attention: The character case is recognized in a password; therefore if the password characters are in different cases, you have to enter the password in the same cases as it was created.

Privacy: Use a reliable password consisting of a combination of the upper and lower case letters,  numbers and other special characters. Passwords not containing a set of such elements are unreliable. A reliable password is Sc34R5fE. An unreliable password is My33. Use a reliable password you can remember without writing it down.

       Advice: Type in your master password via the on-screen keyboard and access to your personal data will be protected. If a key logger is installed on your computer and it is monitoring keyboard events for passwords, no keyboard clicks will be captured and your master password will be protected.