Creating new data

(Window "SCARABAY Passwords Manager")

Click Add New button. (You also can use the Popup menu.)




Window Add New:


Enter the account name in the Name field, and the Save button will be Enabled.

Enter all the necessary data on the new account (login, password, E-Mail, URL, Comment).

Click Save button then your data will be saved.




The account can contain:

Name - Short description of the account object.

Login - User name. Most of the protection systems require the user's name and the password for authorization.

Password password.

E-Mail - E-Mail address(address you have specified at registration, to remember it or to enter at authorization if required.)

URL - Hyperlink to the resource containing the password.

Comment - Additional data on the given resource.(Confidential information, the descriptions of resources, etc...)

What characters can fields contain?

The password can consist of any combination of letters (upper and lower case), numbers, and other special characters; and be up to 16 characters in length.

Fields can consist of any combination of letters (upper and lower case),  numbers, and other special characters

Max Length:

Name, login - 32 characters.

password - 128 characters.

[CHAS What should the password length be as it's 128 here, 16 stated above and 32 lower down in the help text]

E-Mail - 64 characters.

URL - 255 characters.

Comment - 255 characters.


Is it possible to use fields for storing unrelated data?

Yes! You can enter and keep a pin-code, number of a credit card, etc...

Advice: Use the automation functions: Generate password, Paste URL's.

Advice: You can choose an icon for your record, and an icon for a folder in which there is this record. It is very convenient at work with a tree of data.