SCARABAY versions

3.0 Full new interface. Tree-like data representation. New  encryption. On-screen Keyboard. Navigate your browser, drag-and-drop, click to the login page. Autofills login and password with one click. Quick viewing of data. Skins. Browser integration with Internet Explorer, as they host a SCARABAY button. If SCARABAY is minimized into the System tray,  you can: stop automatic filling of the login and the password by the SCARABAY button located on the panel of tools in IE and demand input of the password of an account when maximizing from system tray. Automatically backup the password database. One click will remember URL webpage with a login and password. Open URLs in browsers: IE, FireFox, Netscape, Opera, Avant Browser, MyIE2, Mozilla, Maxthon, NetCaptor. Drag-and-drop functions: E-Mail, URL. New fields E-Mail, notes. Import data from early versions 2.X. New asterisks.


2.9 Asterisks In XP style.


2.8 Sorting in ascending order by name.


2.7 Hot Keys added.


2.6 SCARABAY Icon in System Tray.


2.5 Size of program reduced. It is convenient at work with a diskette. At start of the program the name of the user is displayed working with the program. Fast change of the user without new start.


2.4 New interface. Creating the password of any complexity with the help of the built-in password generator. Drag-and-drop fills login and password, to any forms. Navigate your browser to the login page. The software saves all the settings changed by the user. Runs from USB key, no install needed.


2.0 - 2.3 Beta.


1.3 The first debugged version of the program.


1.0-1.2 Beta