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DOWNLOAD AdminDeviceLan 2.0

Download AdminDeviceLan file - adl_setup.zip Version 2.0(File size 2,459 Mb)



FREE LICENSE The User may use this Software with a free license for an unlimited period of time. This license is suitable for: A user that uses the Software only on one or two computers. The free version is fully featured and has no limitations concerning access to important features, the number of launches, and time of use. In addition, it has no trial period and does not require any registration or information about the user. However, it does have the following LIMITATIONS.


FREE VERSION LIMITATIONS: It is possible to control only one computer from one copy of the administration program.


REGISTERED LICENSE: As a rule, the free version of the Software is not sufficient for commercial use and if the User needs more power and usability, the User can register this original license and get a registration key.


In detail about license purchase on page to buy




file adl_workstation_setup.exe for install On the workstations, controlled computers.(server) (In installation process if for you it is included firewall WINDOWS there will be a window firewall - Windows Security Alert With a question - Do yuo want to keep blocking this program? Name: server AdminDeviceLan for workstation.Press the button - Unblock, then additional customisation is not required to you firewall. About additional setting it is possible to learn in program help. If for you another is installed firewall look help about permissions for the given program.)


file adl_admin_setup.exe for install on computer administrator.(Admin center)


Program help is accessible from "Admin Center" on computer administrator, file AdminDeviceLan.exe.



AdminDeviceLan - "100% CLEAN" AWARD

The server part of the program opens access to the computer on a network, for management of its devices. Therefore there is such possibility that some antiviruses will consider it dangerous. VIRUSES in the program aren't present, the server part can be protected the password. To the program safety certificates are appropriated by many resources.

Safe AdminDeviceLan file No spyware downloads - Top 4 Download No spyware downloads - Windows 7 Download No spyware - Best Vista Download AdminDeviceLan is Certified by DownloadRoute.com
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